Who’s Dish Is It Anyway : Common Roommate Problems & Simple Solutions

Having a roommate is beneficial in multiple ways.  Roommate’s can be live in friends, allow financial freedom and assist with the upkeep of a home or apartment.  While roommates are great for a multitude of life issues, they can sometime be the cause.

Find a roommate who is a great balance for your needs and lifestyle. A roommate who’s needs, routine and lifestyle are compatible with others living under the same roof will make it easier to avoid roommate quarrels.

Finding a great roommate does not always guarantee a conflict-free living environment.  In any living situation, there will be times when multiple parties disagree.  Here are some of the most common roommate issues and some solutions everyone can agree on.


finding a roommate


Standing the Heat Of The Kitchen


The kitchen tends to be the center of many roommate battles. From who is washing the dishes to who ate the last bagel, many arguments stem from the kitchen. There are many effective ways to avoid running into these issues with a roommate.

Although in adulthood, it is a great idea to establish a set of rules for the kitchen in the early stages of living together.  Setting rules leaves little room for confusion and minimizes the possibility of a kitchen feud.  Simple rules such as “if you did not buy it do not eat it” can make roommate life easier.

Deciding on things such as not sharing food and not leaving dishes overnight beforehand will cut unnecessary drama.  Develop these rules together, compromising on wants and needs and targeting issues head on.



Decoration Debacle


After finding a roommate and a wonderful apartment, decor is the next step. While it does not have to be intricate, home decor is a reflection of personal interests, style and culture.  On move in day, your roommate arrives, flaunting an old lime green faux suede sofa with orange feet that her grandmother passed down from the seventies. What do you do?

This one can be tricky. Nobody wants to be told their style is tacky. In situations where a roommate may have less than desirable decor or furniture options, offer to go shopping together for accent pieces or new items overall. If the furniture cannot be replaced, collaborate on accent pieces that will beautify the room.  If you are going to want to keep any decor at the time of separation, save the receipts for a fast and easy move-out.



Roommate Woes


The kitchen is drama free, the apartment is decorated gorgeously but your roommate is still your least favorite person. Remember, the living quarters are just as much theirs as they are yours. Maybe their hygiene needs some work or their annoying boyfriend or girlfriend always comes over at odd hours.  There are situations that will arrive that can cause an awkward tension.

To combat the issues that can come from a roommate’s lifestyle, keep an open mind, a friendly yet assertive tone and be a great listener willing to provide an ear.  When bothered by your roommate’s lifestyle keep an open mind on the cause of their behavior. It is harmful to make assumptions about what is occurring in anyone’s life.

Once this is considered, approach friendly yet assertively. It is not a good idea to enter a situation with an angry attitude. This will ensure an ugly argument and awkward living situation that could have been avoided.  Remain calm when discussing your issues but speak firmly on how their behavior affects you.

It is also great to vent to someone such as a friend, a therapist or a journal.  Sometimes having a roommate can be overwhelming. Having someone who is constantly in your presence can be staggering. Sometime’s your roommate’s quirks will bother less after a healthy venting session. If roommate problems get to the point where the sanctity of the lease could be in danger, always talk to your leasing consultant immediately.