Tips on Decorating your Rental

Single Family House Rentals

When you live in a rental, you might be overwhelmed with what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating your space feel more like home. There are many rules landlords may have in place on items you may not be able to do. Some don’t allow you to paint, others don’t allow any holes in the wall. If you are unsure whether or not your landlord allows nails or holes in the wall, you may want to go over your lease again. At, you can find a free EBook for tenants that can help with your lease questions.

Whatever the case may be, you still want your place to feel like a cozy home that’s inviting, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money decorating a place you might not be living in forever and you don’t want to break any rules when it comes to your lease.

So, what can you do?  Well, I’ve searched the internet and have found some great tips on things you can do that can really make your space feel like home, without breaking any rules and are easy to remove and take with you when you move out.

TIP #1 Create a Gallery Wall

Not only do gallery walls look great, but they are super easy to do. Grab a few frames (they don’t even have to match!) and place your favorite pictures in the frames.

You can either nail them( if your landlord allows it) or for easy removal, you can place 3M command strips that are made especially to place frames on the wall. You can easily peel them off when you move to your next place. Take a look at the beautiful gallery wall posted on The Everygirl blog.

TIP #2 Patterns and COLORS

Most rental properties come with paint that is either white, or some shade of beige. To brighten the space up don’t be afraid to use lots of colors and patterns. Try using contrasting colors to really draw the eyes in and take the attention off the plain colored walls. Here’s a great example of different patterns used to decorate a living room in an apartment.

TIP #3 Statement Furniture

Using great pieces of furniture draws your eye to a focal point and really makes it feel like someone has lived there for years. Finding some great antique pieces that you can upcycle and bring new life to. stay up[dated with Tenant Legal Rights to know what rights are offered to people living on rent.

TIP #4 Plants and accessories

Adding color with accessories and plants can really make your rental feel like home and give a cozy feeling to the place. You can add your favorite pieces, area rugs, throw pillows, mirrors and plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can find some great fake plants that will still look great.

Single Family House Rentals

Single Family House Rentals

Placing art or wall décor on the wall has never been easier since 3M came out with their easy to use command strips. If you can drill holes awesome, but if you can’t these make a great substitute. Find A Rental Nearby that fits your needs.

TIP #5 Art work, wall décor

By adding art work or wall décor, you create a more lived in space and cover up those plain walls. Place pieces that have great color or that contrast with your accent pieces in your space. You will love how warm hanging wall décor and art will immediately make your space feel like home.

Most of all, enjoy finding pieces and furniture that will beautify your rental and not feel like a temporary home, but a place that actually feels like you’ve lived there forever and that you enjoy spending time in.

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