The Kids Are All Right


For an adult, moving to a new home may not seem like such a huge deal; but for a child, this isn’t always the case. You won’t really be able to enjoy your new home if your kids aren’t happy with the move, so it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable and happy in your new place.

As far as finding a good area, try to look in neighborhoods that have parks or community centers nearby. Your kids will be excited knowing that they won’t have to spend time locked up at home and that they have a fun place to go that’s close to them, with others their age. It also helps to find a neighborhood where you know a lot of children live because they’ll be able to make friends and adjust to living in a new place. This will also probably help you feel more welcome too since you’ll be able to befriend the parents of your kids’ friends. Everyone wins!

When it comes down to finding the specific home, keep your kids in mind. If it’s within your budget, try finding a home that has a fenced in yard; your kids will be happy that you thought 0f them when picking a home, and they’ll feel better about the moving process. Another great idea is allowing your kids to paint their rooms a different color than what the house came from, or completely change up their rooms from your previous home. This lets them add their own personal touch to the room so that they won’t feel that they’re in a strange new place.