Can I Get Evicted If I Lost My Job?

Help I lost my job!

Can losing my job cause me to get evicted?

Yes, it is true that losing a job is like being in debt! Worse, you’ll have the fear of being evicted from your rented home if your landlord finds out that you won’t be able to pay your rent. In some states, you are given at least 30 days notice before your tenancy is terminated by your landlord upon knowledge of your being out of job and if you don’t have a lease.

Accordingly, a tenant with a month-to-month lease can have his or her lease contract terminated for any cause that is not prejudiced. This means, a tenant can’t be evicted for religion, race, ethnicity, sex, and such reasons. It is inevitable for a landlord to be concerned if a tenant is heavily indebted or loses their job. But, a landlord may be willing to work out things with a tenant who is upfront about his or her situation and assures the landlord that his/her financial problem is being taken care of.
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If a tenant regularly pays his/her rent and never miss a payment, has a good relationship with the landlord; then it is most likely that the landlord will give them a chance to not be evicted. Your good rapport with your landlord will make the landlord consider you more than just a tenant with good money, but no good relationship. Therefore, it is always a good idea to tell your landlord about your concerns and assure him/her that you are on top of the situation and discuss with him your plan of action. Assure your landlord that you are able to find another job and be out of debt.

Often, when people think of eviction, they think of being kicked out of a rented unit because of non-payment of rent due to losing a job. It could be a common reason for eviction, but it is not the only reason. Generally, a tenant can be evicted for any major breach of the terms of the contract of lease agreement. So, if you are being evicted, make sure you know why.

To avoid receiving a notice of eviction, approach your landlord immediately to discuss your problem. It is much easier to negotiate with your landlord before receiving an eviction notice than after. If you’ve ever received a notice of eviction, you will have at least three days to settle the problem. The time frame will depend on which state you live in. Make sure that you appear in court. Not showing up in court is a big mistake. If you fail to appear in court, this will make the landlord and the court thinks that you are not able to resolve your problem and will make the court to decide to your disadvantage. Therefore, to avoid more damages and make a better negotiation in paying your past due account, appear in court and explain your situation.