Top Questions Renters Have For Landlords

As a tenant, here are the top questions you should be asking your landlord!

top questions from tenantsWe get LOTS of questions! All the time! We desperately want to help everybody, but we have to eat and sleep too! Then someone here came up with a BRILLIANT idea! It happens sometimes!  Anyway… he said, “why don’t we list the top questions tenants have and SHOULD be asking their landlords – and provide comprehensive answers”? Every great idea deserves daylight, so we decided that there is no time like today! So  while this may not be complete yet, we plan on getting all of the best tenant questions from you, and providing you with the best answers! Check it out below!

What is the rent amount – (what is included in the rent – Utilities, Water, Trash, Parking)?

How exciting is it when you have finally graduated and the day is here where you can find a place of your own to live in?  Imagine the fun you will have searching for that perfect new home to rent.  How many bedrooms do you think you will need?  Will you want to find a roommate?  It must have a pool and work out facility.  With all these new ‘needs’ that you will have in your life, it is important that you find a place that you will be happy in.  Once you have done your research, it is time to talk to a potential Landlord. This is the point where it is important that you ask the right questions. READ MORE

Can I decorate my apartment?

When you live in a rental, you might be overwhelmed with what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating your space feel more like home. There are many rules landlords may have in place on items you may not be able to do. Some don’t allow you to paint, others don’t allow any holes in the wall. If you are unsure whether or not your landlord allows nails or holes in the wall, you may want to go over your lease again. At, you can find a free EBook for tenants that can help with your lease questions. READ MORE

What Grocery Stores, Theaters, etc. are near my apartment?

Ever wonder what is nearby when you are looking for a rental home or apartment? Of course, you’ll probably be checking how close it is to your job or school, and maybe how far away it is from your mother in law.  JUST KIDDING MOMS! (Don’t start sending angry emails, please!)

But what about everything else? We’re talking about grocery stores, parks, coffee shops, churches, and pizza places? Sometimes these type of things are overlooked, but they might be important to you later on. Why not let the nearby amenities help you make a good decision before you rent? READ MORE

Is there an on-site property manager and how accessible is he/she?

What can I do about my noisy neighbor?

Noisy neighbors are an indication that they are breaking the law. Every community has ordinances and laws, which disallow excessive, needless and irrational levels of noise. Oftentimes, the local police enforce such laws and if you are curious concerning the laws in your locality, this is a good time to look for them. So, if your neighbors are too noisy, here are some tips that you can follow to find a resolution. READ MORE

Are there any improvements or construction planned for the building in the near future?

So you found the perfect new apartment to lease – you have the date that you are to be out of your current apartment AND you have scheduled the movers but…. What if your rental is not ready or there are potential time delays for the entire property?  Any potential improvement by a Landlord that will affect a future lease needs to be fully detailed prior to the Tenant signing the new lease.  When a Tenant prepares for and moves in to a new Apartment or home, they need to know that the space is fully functional and their lives will not be disrupted by future changes.  If the Landlord knows in advance that modifications and improvements are scheduled on the Building or the parking area or even the Work-Out Center or Pool, and those improvements will affect the parking spaces or use of the advertised facilities, complete plans and specifications for those improvements should be fully detailed and attached to the Lease showing the Layout of the plans prior to signing and a time-frame of when the work is to be complete. READ MORE

Is pest control handled by the renter or the landlord?

Pests bring disease inside a home and even if dealing with pets is difficult, landlords and tenants share roles on how to maintain a pest-free rental home. Here are some guidelines for dealing with pest control in a rental.

  1. There are different laws in each state about who is responsible for pest control but almost all state laws agree that landlords should provide a suitable rental home that has structural elements that prevent pests from coming in such as door and window screens to prevent insects and vermin from coming in the house and ensuring that the rental home is pest-free and safe to begin with. As a tenant, you should be particular of any kind of pests in a home.  READ MORE

Are there any Security deposits or non-refundable fees, and what are they for?

Your landlord has the right to charge whatever they want to charge for your security deposit. That’s right. Whatever you agree to pay, is what you have to pay, so don’t forget the deposit might be negotiable. Or at least you might be able to pay a small amount now, then the rest before you move in. Be sure any deposit payment agreement with your future landlord is in writing. If your credit is suffering, you might end up paying more security deposit than someone with stellar credit. Once you have paid your deposit, also be sure to get a receipt and keep the receipt in a safe place until you move out – you might need it later. READ MORE

What is the application and screening process?

We all know that social media gives us an easy access to view the multitude of new homes and apartments without even leaving our office chair. Once you have narrowed down your search for that perfect new home, you will be required to advance that search by getting up from your comfy chair and talking to your potential new landlords. You will want to protect yourself by viewing the available units, searching the grounds and analyzing the surrounding areas. Most importantly, you should be asking the right questions of the new management company to allow yourself all information to make the best decision. You, of course, are most interested in knowing all the facts about the new unit and property, but what actions will your potential landlord need to take to make sure that you are the ‘perfect’ tenant? That would be the application and screening process. READ MORE

What’s your late fee policy?

What is your pet policy, and do you require a pet fee or deposit?

Actually, it will largely depend on the landlord as there are some that do not allow and some that do allow tenants to have pets. Still, some may have restrictions as to the number and type of pets they allow. These additional obligations and rights about having pets should be indicated in writing in the lease contract.

It is a fact that a tenant who allows a pet inside the premises of a building can be held responsible for any disturbance or damage the animal causes. This is true even if that tenant is not the owner of the pet. READ MORE

What happens at the end of the lease?

How awesome that you have found your perfect rental home or apartment! You have been able to enjoy your new place for almost a year but now, the lease ending date is near. Are you planning on staying in your current home with the perfect amenities and perfect location? If so, you have some important steps to take before you lose that chance. The first major step is to take out that legal contract and read, read, read your lease carefully to determine what happens at the end of the lease. READ MORE

What is your parking policy?

How would I submit a maintenance request?

Can my landlord enter my rental property when I am not there?

A tenant has a right to a peaceful and quiet home. This means that landlord must respect tenants’ privacy at all times and should not enter a leased apartment without permission. A law prohibits landlord to interfere with the right of the tenant of “quiet enjoyment”.

However, from the landlord’s perspective, he owns the apartment the tenant lives in, which reserves him a right for entry. This leads to the right to the premises of both parties. The following is the essence on the right of the tenant to privacy as balanced by the right of the landlord for entry: READ MORE

Should I choose furnished or unfurnished?

What is the landlord’s responsibility for theft, damage or assault in my rental or around the property?

Can my girlfriend/boyfriend stay with me in the apartment (rental)?