Tenant Forum

This tenant forum is for you to exchange ideas and comments regarding your rental experience. We will monitor the comments and add our own opinions, too.

We ask that you remain respectful of others using this tenant forum and do not use real names or addresses. Please keep it clean!

Tenant Forum

As a tenant you probably have a lot of questions before, during and after your stay. One of the best ways to get answers to your questions is to correspond with others that have gone through the same issues. There are others that have dealt with a bad roommate, tried to sneak in a pet and got in trouble with the landlord, and had difficulty paying their rent. While Tenants.com does offer legal services, hopefully this tenant forum can be helpful to you. We also encourage you to help others and we’ll do the same. We will routinely monitor the posted questions at this tenant forum and offer whatever advice we can. Keep in mind this is not legal advice, so don’t ask legal advice or expect that any advice you get is a legal solution.

2 thoughts on “Tenant Forum”

  1. Welcome to the Tenants.com forum! We encourage all tenants for participate so that we can all learn from each other. This forum is monitored by the ‘Rent Sage’ guru from the Tenants.com experienced team of advisers. The guru will comment on your posts and offer advice.

    Feel free to leave stories about your rental experiences, good, bad, or funny. We especially like funny!

  2. Tenants.com is looking for all stories from tenants. Difficulties that you have experienced, funny incidents, great landlords, bad landlords, maintenance issues, or legal problems. We’ll try to help you with any question or point you to the right place to find help.

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