Who is Responsible for Pest Control in a Rental Apartment?

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Wondering at pest control in a rentalPests bring disease inside a home and even if dealing with pets is difficult, landlords and tenants share roles on how to maintain a pest-free rental home. Here are some guidelines for dealing with pest control in a rental.

  1. There are different laws in each state about who is responsible for pest control but almost all state laws agree that landlords should provide a suitable rental home that has structural elements that prevent pests from coming in such as door and window screens to prevent insects and vermin from coming in the house and ensuring that the rental home is pest-free and safe to begin with. As a tenant, you should be particular of any kind of pests in a home.
  • Droppings and small breaks in floors, doors and walls could mean that there are mice in the area.
  • Stains due to bug droppings along floors and bed frames could be bedbugs.
  • Hollow and “chewed-in” wood could mean termites.
  • Old homes and apartments could have cockroaches, ants and other insects as well.

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  1. Before you settle in, ask your landlord if the property could be cleared by a pest- control company first. Address possible signs of pests in the property.
  2. Tenants are partly responsible for pest control. You should therefore be persistent in cleaning up, in making sure that structural elements such as screens, windows and doors are kept intact and secure to avoid vermin and insects from getting inside the house and to provide basic pest control such as using insect sprays or pesticides.
  3. Tenants should be responsible in avoiding pests from getting into the property such as bringing in mattresses and furniture infested with bedbugs. Therefore, expenses due to hiring a professional pest control company should be shouldered by the tenant.
  4. Preventing is the key to keeping a rental property free from vermin and pests.

 Landlords should do the following:

  • Landlords should hire a professional pest control company to remove pests before a new tenant occupies the property. This should be stated in the rental contract.
  • Landlords should hire a contractor to take care of all structures in the property especially screens in windows and doors before a new tenant occupies the property.
  • Landlords should have specific sections in his rental contract regarding the upkeep of the property to be able to prevent pests.

 Tenants should do the following:

  • Review the rental contract and if not stated, ask questions about pest control. Be diligent and inspect the property for any signs of pests before you even sign a rental contract.
  • Tenants should keep the property clean and free from pests. Rental properties could become overrun with pests if cleanup is not done regularly.
  • Tenants should immediately report any structural damages and any signs of pests to the landlord. Resolving any pest issue at once could reduce costly problems in the future.
  • Improper garbage disposal is one of the major reasons why pests appear in homes and rental properties. Make sure that you know garbage disposal and collection rules in your new community.