What You Should Know Before Moving In

Things to do before moving in an apartmentThis is an exciting time, we know. Moving into a new place has it’s share of challenges and also the feeling of a new start. But, in order for your time in your new home to be satisfying, you need to know a few things before moving in.

Here are some common questions and answers to help you get started.

How to find a good roommate
What do you have to do to qualify for a rental home or apartment?
How do you apply for a rental home?
Do I need an attorney to look at my lease?
What mistakes are common when a tenant signs a lease?
Can I get help moving to my apartment?
How much security deposit will I need to pay?
Can I negotiate the terms of my lease?
Will I have to pay a pet deposit?

Note: Please keep in mind that most of these topics are often affected by local, state, and federal laws. Moreover, those laws constantly change. So do not construe any of the topics discussed at Tenants.com to be legal advice. If you have any legal questions, you’ll need to consult an attorney. One good way to do that is right on this website under the Tenant Legal Questions page.