Tenant Rights

Pondering Tenant Rights QuestionsWhat are your legal rights as a tenant?

Here are some common tenant rights questions:

Not getting your security deposit back? This is one of the issues that frequently occur and can cause the most confusion. You may be able to satisfy the terms of your lease with just a minimal cost, so that you entire security deposit can be refunded. It’s the law!

Is your landlord neglecting to fix some things that are causing a problem? Few states will allow situations that endanger the tenant’s health or well being. As a tenant, you do have rights to have anything fixed that could be a threat to your safety if left in disrepair. Find out how you can get things done quickly.

What if you can’t afford your rent this month? Will I get evicted, and how much time do I have? Your lease contract and state law will determine the answer. As a tenant, you do have the opportunity to get things straightened out, but you may have to take matters into your own hands and ask fast. Get the answers you need quickly!

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