Questions That Arise During Your Stay is the answer to your tenant questions.

Ok, so now you are in your new apartment or home. There is little chance that everything will go perfectly. Invariably you will come across things that need repair, things that you may not have previously known before you signed the lease, issues regarding pest control, your A/C or heater, parking questions, citations, noisy neighbors, roommate issues, or well, pretty much anything can go wrong. Here are some valuable tips that should help you with these and other tenant questions.

What if I get a pet after I move in?
Can I be charged for pet damages?
Who is responsible for pest control?
How can I get out of my lease?
My landlord isn’t fixing my heater, what now?
Is the landlord responsible for a break in?
Can the landlord enter my apartment unannounced?
My neighbors are too noisy. What can I do?
Will I get locked out if my rent is late?
My roommate stopped paying rent, what can I do?
Can I get evicted for making too much noise?
Is the landlord responsible for parking issues?
Who is responsible for repairs?
What to do if my rental unit is not livable?
Is My Landlord Responsible For Safety And Security Issues?

Note: Please keep in mind that most of these topics are often affected by local, state, and federal laws. Moreover, those laws constantly change. So do not construe any of the topics discussed at to be legal advice. If you have any legal questions, you’ll need to consult an attorney. One good way to do that is right on this website under the Tenant Legal Questions page.