My Neighbors Are Too Noisy. What Can I Do?

I can't get work done because of my neighbors are too noisy!Noisy neighbors are an indication that they are breaking the law. Every community has ordinances and laws, which disallow excessive, needless and irrational levels of noise. Oftentimes, the local police enforce such laws and if you are curious concerning the laws in your locality, this is a good time to look for them. So, if your neighbors are too noisy, here are some tips that you can follow to find a resolution.

One can learn the laws regarding noise in several ways. One good way to initiate action is through the Internet. County and city web pages provide links to address inquiries about noise in the neighborhood and you can actually search for the laws imposed regarding noise concerns. Additionally, you can visit other websites the deal with the laws and ordinances.

If by any chances that you are not keen on doing search online, you can conduct your research in the local libraries and the concerned city government office. Clerks, librarians and other service-oriented offices are ready to provide their assistance.

Upon learning the laws and ordinances concerning noise in your locality, it will most probably include provisions about setting aside particular times of the day on which it should be generally quiet. These laws have an hour range and applicable days e.g. between 11 in the evening and 6 in the morning, Monday through Friday.

Additionally, many towns and cities also declare a prohibition regarding sustained level of noise over a certain decibel. For example, if your neighbor insists on playing rock genre songs at very high levels within the prohibited time, then he is violating the law prohibiting such way of creating noise. If a neighbor complains, the police will usually conduct an investigation using a meter device and observe the reading for a certain period.

How can you get the attention of your neighbor that is too noisy and be able to talk about it?

If your neighbor is being noisy for quite some time, you must be contemplating getting their attention and discussing the concern with them. One may have two reactions over their noisy neighbors that are particularly unhealthy. The first is the angry reaction, which will not accomplish much. The second is the resignation reaction in which a person become resigned over the noise and think that nothing can actually done about it. The resignation reaction can turn to an angry reaction over time.

In order to avoid the two unfavorable reactions to noisy neighbors, the following are some suggestions on the way to approach noisy neighbors.

Talk. – Talking in a mild, respectful manner is much better than starting a shouting session across the fence. You can go over to your neighbor’s house, ring the doorbell and politely request a conversation. Through talking, you will be able to bring the noise matter to your neighbor’s attention and find that they might not be aware of it at all.

Provide a Warning. – If talking does not accomplish your goal, you can try sending your neighbor a warning by providing him/her a copy of the law and ordinances concerning noise.

Mediation. – You may want to consider a mediator before actually seeking the help of the police. The mediator will be responsible in handling the discussion between you and the noisy neighbor.

Filing a Lawsuit. – If the negotiation failed, this is the time to file a lawsuit against your neighbor. Although this may be a longer process, it will be your last resort to address your concern on a noisy neighbor.