Articles and Tips for Tenants

Couple receiving articles and tips for tenants
We’ve got lots of help for you. There are many questions before, during, and after you become a tenant. Before you sign the lease, you should know exactly what is going to be expected of you during your stay. You should know how conflicts and disagreements are going to be handled.

Hopefully the articles and tips for tenants below will assist you in making the right decisions. Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional articles and tips for tenants. Just choose the topic from the list below:

Tenant Rental Insurance

Does rental insurance make sense, or is it just a waste of money. Find the pros and cons of tenant rental insurance.

Tenant Rights

You do have certain rights as a tenant. Don’t let the lack of knowledge keep you from asserting what you deserve.

Should you Rent or Purchase?

Before you even rent at all, you should ask this question. Maybe it makes more sense for you to purchase your own home.

Repair Responsibility

Something breaks – do you have to pay? Or was it wear and tear of something that the landlord neglected to fix. Find out here.

Find a Good Rental

How can you find a good rental home or apartment that is near your work or near your choice of schools or shopping?

Tenant Security Deposit Options

The security deposit is one of the most disputed challenges of being a tenant. Find out how to avoid problems in the future.

Tenant Eviction

You get a notice of eviction. What now? Find out the best way to handle this situation and what legal options that you have.

Ten Common Mistakes Tenants Make

Before you make mistakes, learn from others. Here are the most common mistakes that many tenants make.


These articles and tips for tenants will help you become more productive and make your stay as a tenant much more satisfying.