Tenants.com Welcomes New Marketing VP

New Tenants.com Marketing VP - Veronica RamirezAustin, Texas— Veronica Ramirez has been named the new Marketing VP for Tenants.com, a website dedicated to creating a better renting experience for tenants.

The focus of Tenants.com is primarily on the needs of tenants and tenant issues. There are numerous tenant services provided by Tenants.com, a rapidly growing market since more and more people are choosing to rent rather than purchase homes. Additionally, Tenants.com provides services and advice for landlords that want to develop better relationships with their tenants.

“We’re thrilled Veronica is joining our team. She brings a fresh outlook along with brand management and marketing savvy to Tenants.com,” said Wayne Gathright, President of Tenants.com. “Veronica will play an important role in our company as we continue to expand and build our marketing strategy for Tenants.com.”

Veronica joins the company with a goal of building, developing and managing marketing and social media outreach for Tenants.com.  “I’m excited to be a part of Tenants.com,” said Veronica. “There is so much opportunity for growth as we continue to evolve the Tenant.com brand. There are over 118 million tenants in the United States alone, and we intend to tap into that huge market to provide the services that are lacking.”

Since starting her career, Veronica has served in a wide range of roles that attribute to her experience as Marketing VP. She has prior experience in the software industry, having served as director of marketing and director of customer relations for a design company as well as a business analyst and test engineer for a software development company. Veronica is a graduate of Texas State University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media & Mass Communication.  Her experience includes marketing director of Bella Neela Photography & Design as well as having a background working in the the technology industry.

Veronica also is a proud Veteran. She served in the United States Army with the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. “I am proud to have served in the Army,” said Veronica. “It taught me a lot about responsibility, leadership and a “get it done” attitude, and I feel I bring those qualities with me with every position I have worked.”

Part of Veronica’s responsibilities at Tenants.com will be advancing the company brand, web traffic and promoting events. She will also be charged with increasing website engagement with current tenants and landlords as well as attracting new clients with marketing campaigns to further the success of Tenants.com.

About Tenants.com

Tenants.com has a motto ‘All Things Tenant Related’. The goal of Tenants.com is to provide valuable services for tenants under ‘one roof’. Such services include helping tenants find a rental property, locate compatible roommates, communicate with landlords, find legal documents and legal assistance, pay rent online, get help moving into a rental, and much more. There is a wealth of information for common tenant questions, as well as a free eBook “What ALL Tenants REALLY Need to KNOW”, written by Wayne Gathright, president of Tenants.com.
For more information, please visit www.Tenants.com.