Tenants.com CEO interviewed for Realtor.com magazine

Tenants.com Article - Tenant CleaningWayne Gathright, president of Tenants.com was recently interviewed for a Realtor.com News and Advice article.  The subject of the article was ‘Want Your Security Deposit Back? You’d Better Do These Things‘, penned by author Angela Colley.

The article was written to help tenants recover their security deposit by providing tips and advice on often overlooked or forgotten things. Many times a tenant can overlook a small item that results in a big bite out of their security deposit. If there is a dispute about the deposit, the tenant often gets the ‘short end of the stick’ because they may not have the funds on inclination to pursue legal action in order to get their security deposit back.

Gathright said “To really make sure you get what’s owed, you’ll have to get what most tenants miss. Sweep behind appliances, scrub drip pans and stove elements, mop behind the toilet, and wipe inside drawers” among many other helpful tips. The complete article can be found at http://www.realtor.com/advice/rent/want-your-security-deposit-back-you-need-to-do-these-things/

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