Love Thy Neighbors

When you move, aside from getting a new home you also get a new vicinity, and with that comes new neighbors. Your neighbors are the people you’ll have closest to your home at all times, so it’s important to have a good relationship with them. If you think about it, neighbors are like distant roommates… … Read more Love Thy Neighbors

Deposit Dilemmas

If you’re renting a home, you most likely had to pay some amount as a security deposit when you signed your lease. The security deposit basically covers the repairs that need to be done once you’ve moved out of your property. If nothing was damaged and needed fixing, you’ll get the sum of your deposit back. … Read more Deposit Dilemmas

Who should you lease from?

When you’re considering what kind of property to rent out and make your home, you should also consider who you’re leasing from. Usually, your options will be a property manager or property management firm, or an individual landlord. Just like everything else, both have their ups and their downs. Property managers or property management firms  … Read more Who should you lease from?

How can YOU be a good tenant?

First of all…PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME!!! Aside from that, being a good tenant goes wayyyyyy beyond paying rent on time. As someone who’s living in another person’s property, you want to be considerate of that and treat is as though it is your own. Be careful, and be kind. Think about it, someone fixed … Read more How can YOU be a good tenant?

Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Many times when you’re looking for a rental property you’re given the option of getting your new place furnished, or unfurnished. Usually a furnished rental includes the basic furniture most people have in their homes: bed, nightstand, dresser, and desk in the bedroom, couch, love seat, coffee table, and sometimes a TV, in the living … Read more Furnished vs. Unfurnished

How much should you be paying for rent?

It’s hard to set a standard price for rent based on just the property alone, so it’s up to you to determine how much you should be paying. You need to look at your personal finances, the property’s location and benefits, and similar properties. As far as personal finances, you need to figure out how … Read more How much should you be paying for rent?

Personalizing your space

Recently, we talked about different things that a rental home has to offer that you can and can’t change (read it here), so we figured we’d bring you some tips that’ll help you customize your space and make it all your own. Wall decor!!!! This includes sooooo many different things, so you’ll truly find something that’ll suit … Read more Personalizing your space

Your Perfect Space – finding the right area for you

If you’re in the process of looking for a new place to live, a big thing you need to look at is what kind of home and community you want. Do you want an apartment in a tall building? Or a house in a gated community? Do you want to live in the city? Or … Read more Your Perfect Space – finding the right area for you