Sharing Spaces…and Chores

Having a lot of roommates seems like it could come in handy when it comes time to clean up and do chores around the house, but don’t be too quick to lessen your own workload because of that. Everyone is different and has different habits, so working towards taking care of the same thing (your … Read more Sharing Spaces…and Chores

(Indoor) Garden Party

September is officially upon us, meaning it’s time to say hello to fall, and goodbye to summer (and summer gardens). No need to worry though, we’ve got you all covered as far as starting your indoor garden for fall. Having an indoor garden is easy and a great option if you live in an apartment … Read more (Indoor) Garden Party

Spring Cleaning in the Fall

There’s a constant notion that spring is the time of year when we’re supposed to clean up our homes and make a totally fresh start. What a lot of people don’t realize, though, is that fall is also an awesome time to clean and change your home! What is it that sets fall apart for … Read more Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Sublease, anyone?

So, you’re living happily in your apartment with three of your friends, when you suddenly get a great job offer that requires you to move cities…what’s the problem? Your lease doesn’t end for another six months and you can’t pay two rent checks each month. At this point, subleasing seems like the best option for … Read more Sublease, anyone?

The Lease Application

When you’re first starting to look for a new rental home, you’ll most likely be viewing all kinds of properties and talking to tons of different landlords; once you’ve found the right home, you’ll start the process of applying to rent the home. Rental applications are pretty easy to fill out, but that doesn’t mean … Read more The Lease Application

Should you sublease?

Subleasing is pretty much when you, the initial tenant, rent your property out to another tenant. The new tenant is then required to pay rent and follow the terms of the lease, but you still hold the overall responsibility of the property. A huuuuge part of subleasing is making sure that you find a good lessee. … Read more Should you sublease?