Property Manager Monday

Due to the nature of the arrangement, you’ll most likely be dealing with the management personnel from the property you live at pretty frequently. They’ll be the ones handling your rent, your maintenance requests, and the overall experience living at that property. It’s hard to know whether or not you’ve found yourself a good property … Read more Property Manager Monday

Keep it Clean

As someone renting a home, you’re not liable for all of the same maintenance things that a homeowner is. Because of this, you’re responsible for a different set of things, as stated in your lease. One of the most important things in the lease agreement (aside from rent, duh) is making sure that you take good … Read more Keep it Clean

The Lease Application

When you’re first starting to look for a new rental home, you’ll most likely be viewing all kinds of properties and talking to tons of different landlords; once you’ve found the right home, you’ll start the process of applying to rent the home. Rental applications are pretty easy to fill out, but that doesn’t mean … Read more The Lease Application

You Can’t Rush Perfection

If you’re in the market for a new rental home, it’s important to give yourself an adequate amount of time for your search. Before picking the first property you see, spend some time doing some research about the property and look at all of your available options. Ask current residents what they think! Since they’re … Read more You Can’t Rush Perfection

Should you sublease?

Subleasing is pretty much when you, the initial tenant, rent your property out to another tenant. The new tenant is then required to pay rent and follow the terms of the lease, but you still hold the overall responsibility of the property. A huuuuge part of subleasing is making sure that you find a good lessee. … Read more Should you sublease?

Summer Gardens

Is your garden showing off the season? Though we tend to associate spring with gardening, it’s important to see that summer is also a great time to make our gardens look good. Take advantage of summer to add some berries to your day! Since you may not be able to grow berry bushes in the … Read more Summer Gardens

Who should you lease from?

When you’re considering what kind of property to rent out and make your home, you should also consider who you’re leasing from. Usually, your options will be a property manager or property management firm, or an individual landlord. Just like everything else, both have their ups and their downs. Property managers or property management firms  … Read more Who should you lease from?