Sublease, anyone?

So, you’re living happily in your apartment with three of your friends, when you suddenly get a great job offer that requires you to move cities…what’s the problem? Your lease doesn’t end for another six months and you can’t pay two rent checks each month. At this point, subleasing seems like the best option for you, and it probably is. How can you make sure the sublease process goes smoothly for you and your roommates?

We recently gave you the lowdown on subleasing, so you should pretty much know the basics of the process. Now, the task at hand s finding a subleaser who will fit in well in the dynamic if your home. Even though it’s your responsibility to find someone to take over your lease, your roommates should contribute to the search so that they can find a roommate that they know they’ll be happy with. Maybe you can ask around and see if any mutual friends need a place, or your roommates can post on their social media accounts that they’re looking for a new roommate. Whatever the case is, the whole process is easier for all of you if they help out.

Like we said before, it’s important to find someone who you can trust to take over your lease; but it’s also pretty important for your roommates to trust them, too. You’re not going to be living with whoever takes over your lease, but that shouldn’t mean that you care about who lives there. If the person who takes over your lease doesn’t feel comfortable with your roommates, they may encounter some issues along the way, and may even stop caring about taking care of your room and doing their share of the housework.