Renting From Your Phone

Renting from your phoneThere are some good reasons why you should be renting from your phone. Let’s take a look at why.

The amount of activities that can be done from a smartphone is truly astonishing. For many people, their phone also serves as a bank, game system, GPS device, camera and more. The amount of things we use our phone for is staggering, and it is only growing with each passing day. One of the less commonly acknowledged aspects of our lives that smartphones are making their way into is the process of renting a house or apartment. This was formerly an aspect of our life that required extensive face-to-face interaction at every step of the process; now, however, much of the work can be done remotely. Here is a look at one of the ways we can make headway in the rental process from a smartphone.

Rental Apps

More and more people are using rental apps to find the perfect rental property for their situation. Though it is hard for some young people to remember or even imagine a time when convenient apps were not the primary means to get things done, the process of renting a house or apartment used to rely more on human interaction. People would see ads in the paper for rental properties, call the number listed, schedule a time to go look at the property and then decide if it was a good fit—if it was still available. They also relied heavily on word of mouth, asking people if they knew of any good rental property options. They might simply drive around themselves looking. While all of these traditional methods are still used, rental apps are able to streamline the rental process for many. Rental apps aggregate all of the rental options available within a given location and price range (something that would have been impossible and very work/time intensive to do before), Rental apps also usually provide pictures of the rental unit itself, which can help you focus on visiting options you know you may like and filter out other options before a trip is wasted.