Personalizing your space

Recently, we talked about different things that a rental home has to offer that you can and can’t change (read it here), so we figured we’d bring you some tips that’ll help you customize your space and make it all your own.

Wall decor!!!! This includes sooooo many different things, so you’ll truly find something that’ll suit your personality. Pictures are cool because they allow you to get really personal and showcase the things that have real significance to you (like people and places). A cool way to arrange pictures is to use all kinds of different frames; it’ll add some flare to the room and isn’t expensive to do if you hit up your local thrift shops. Posters are also awesome! There are all kinds of posters available for all kinds of interests, so you’ll definitely find something you like. Plus, posters take up a pretty large space! Speaking of space…tapestries also take up toooons of space! They look great and can completely transform an entire room, all whilst taking up an entire wall. plants

Plants!!! Plants, real or fake, definitely add life to any room. You can have flowers, ferns, etc., the choice is yours. And, plants refresh and purify your air so they’ll have a benefit beyond just looking nice. If you have a certain theme or color scheme going on in your home, you can find plants that match this and make your home feel like it’s truly yours. Also, just like with picture frames, you can create a unique arrangement by combining a bunch of different pots for your plants.

Lighting is huge! Choose cool floor lamps that reflect your own style and can serve as conversation pieces, too. Lighting can change the entire mood of a room, so be sure to choose wisely! An easy way and inexpensive way to create some nice lighting is by adding christmas lights to a room; they can be put anywhere, and everyone can agree that they add a pretty touch.