Out of the Box: Using the right storage to maximize your rental space

As someone who’s renting their home, you’re not exactly allowed to knock down some walls and make a new closet or alter your current storage situation. With that being said, you need to find other ways to maximize your space and storage.

Though no one admits it, a lot of us like to take the lazy way out and just accumulate storage bins in our garages or under our beds…bad solution!!! Storage bins do not have an aesthetic appeal, and ultimately take up a ton of space. It’s important to maximize functional spaces, like our closets, and even furniture. If organized correctly, closet space can go a veryyyyy long way, even for the smallest spots. If you have a pretty standard closet, you can get closet organizers/systems pretty much fully-equipped (check out The Container Store). If you have a smaller space, or want to customize it more than standard closet organizers, you can instill your own shelves and hanger units based on your precise storage needs.storage

As far as functional furniture, we all know Ikea is the bees knees. Have you ever seen Swedish storage!?! IT DOESN’T EXIST! That’s where Ikea comes in! Ikea makes furniture as functional as possible to take advantage of space, especially useful when your storage is very limited. You can switch our your storage bins for a sleek bed that has big built-in drawers. Even small things, like a coffee table that doubles as media storage, can make all the difference in your space.

Basically, if you organize and plan correctly, you can make a small space into the storage space of your dreams.