Move Like A Pro: 3 Tips for Easy Pain-Free Moving

Moving can be stressful. From finding the perfect place to the move-in day, relocating, whether across state lines or the next block over, can be a difficult process.  Movers are faced with many tasks that can be hard to complete in an effective and timely manner. From scoping out the perfect apartment rentals to organizing and packing, moving takes a lot of hard work.

Although moving is a generally hard task, there are ways to make the process easier for all parties involved.  Take the necessary steps to ensure a stress-free move. There are many unforeseen things that can occur, however, with proper preparation and the following tips, moving into a new apartment can be a breeze.

Avoid Last Minute Packing and Pack Efficiently

Hiring professional movers

Waiting until the last minute to pack is the number one cause of a difficult moving process. When moving, the final date at a current residence is made known at least 30 days prior to the exit date. Use as much time as possible to begin the move. Start by packing or transporting large items or seasonal items that will not be put into use for the duration of the move-in process. Getting these things out of the way leaves less to pack once it gets closer to move-in day.

Create a schedule, listing which items to pack which day to avoid last minute packing. Give a time frame such as 14 days and list one room or group of items a day to pack. This will keep the move-in process from deterring a daily schedule.   Packing one room a day allows items to be packaged and transported neatly and unpacked efficiently.

Some great tips on packing include labeling boxes by name, number or color.  This helps avoid mystery boxes and also aids in less mess.  When packing room by room, clearly label the boxes.  Closets and garments can be easily packed with garbage bags. Taking a trash bag and grouping items together and tying at the top does not even require hanger removal.

Be Organized, Clean and Take Photos

Take a day or even a few hours before moving in to assess the cleanliness of the apartment and also clean for yourself. Apartments will usually be in livable condition, however, the cleaner the better.  Use this time to not only clean the apartment but walk through and assure there is no damage prior to moving in, that was not previously discussed. Take photos of every room at this time to guarantee the return of a security deposit, if applicable.

This is also true of the apartment you are moving out of.  Make sure the items being moved into the new place are clean as well as cleaning the apartment itself. Many leasing offices will charge a cleaning fee if the empty apartment is not left up to their standards. Additionally, take photos once you vacate the property. If claims are made about the condition of the apartment, you will have photo evidence to prove or deny any objections.

Build A Great Moving Team

Friends and families are easy options when it comes to helping move into a new apartment. They will be curious to see the new space but a pizza and beer bribery also helps. Make sure your moving team knows which boxes go in which room and that they are in quality shape to help with the move. It is not fun to deal with injuries during the move-in process.

Hiring professional movers is also a way to ensure an easy moving process. If valuables and fragile objects outnumber lower cost decor, hire professionals to transport. It is not worth damaging a relationship over a broken vintage lamp. Professionals are trained to move people in quickly and damage free.