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Property Matrix

Property Management Software

Manage all of your tenants and properties with the help of the most advanced management software on the market today

What is the Property Matrix?

Property Matrix gives you a user friendly and  completely customizable cloud based software to handle your property  management company. Designed to be accessed anywhere at anytime, it  offers everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. We  offer complete customization over the software. From reports to  fields, the software can be adapted to fit your specific need.

Property management solution for the smartphone world – always  with you in your pocket or purse. Easy to use, personal and private.

Separate sets of books

Whether you manage 200 units or 20,000, Property Matrix is designed to handle the toughest accounting complexities. Sets of books and buildings are independent so you can have separate sets of books for each building or you can combine some or all buildings into the same set of books.

Management Company Accounting

Use the built-in Management Company Accounting to enter and track transactions for your property management company in addition to managing income and expenses for your properties. You can even manage multiple Property Management Companies if you have a more complex corporate structure.

Line Items

Because Property Matrix is an accounting software first, all transactions are broken down to line items which can be tracked to separate income, expense, asset, liability and equity accounts.


Memorize recurring transactions including the breakdown of account appropriation.

Multi Lease & Tenant

Accurately keep track of your lease agreements with Multiple Leases and Multiple Tenants per unit

Owner Statements

Fully customizable owner statements including varying ownership percentages.

Property Matrix Property Management Software

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