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Property Management Software

Landlordy is property management mobile app for private landlords in the smartphone world

What is the Landlordy?

Landlordy is an app  for self managing landlords who take care of managing their properties, tenants and rentals by themselves. Track rent payments and  business expenses, keep an eye on tenant balance, send rental invoices and payment receipts to tenants.

Property management solution for the smartphone world – always  with you in your pocket or purse. Easy to use, personal and private.

How can Landlordy help you?

This is rental business management app for private landlord in the smartphone world – better than manual or spreadsheet based property management, easier to use, more personal and less costly than web or desktop based property management solutions made for professional property managers and real estate agents. Integrated with iPhone/iPad camera and connectivity features Landlordy lets you become more agile and better organized landlord.


Great app for busy landlord. Buy the paid version!

I have four rental properties. I use the paid version – WELL WORTH IT. I used to spend a lot of time at tax time trying to sort through receipts and expenses, etc. I know I missed some in years past. This app allows me to stay organized quickly and easily (something I am otherwise not great at doing). Now I can keep everything in one place and it is always handy when I need it. Now I snap a picture of the receipt and add the expense on the spot…Usually even before I leave the store or parking lot. No more losing receipts or forgetting to write off expenses. Trust me, if you get audited, you want an image of the receipt! Your credit card statement isn’t enough.
Positives: + Stores copies of the lease and tenants docs. + Stores copies of receipts + Stores photos and other notes. + Reports available + Backs up to the cloud What I wish they would add: A place to store applications for other applicants who may have been declined for some reason so that in the event they came back with any complaint later down the road, I could have all of that information attached to the property in the app without being commingled with actual tenant info. It would be nice to store rental criteria information and application docs that could be sent out directly from the app when the property is available to lease. Basically, I wish there were more options for the time period in between tenants and during that transition period. Negatives: – strange to have to hit the cancel button after you enter an image to save. – perhaps a notification when rent hasn’t been entered (and possibly not paid!) on a property would be a nice reminder. Not many negatives here! This is a great app and I highly recommend it. It’s worth the spend to get the paid version. Lose one receipt over the course of the year, and you’ve already lost a write off – or -stay organized and it pays for itself. I highly recommend this app to anyone..even if you only have one property.

Landlordy Property Management Software