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The software products below are the leading property management software programs for landlords, owners, and managers of rental property. We provide detailed product descriptions from the vendor responses. Additionally, we provide non-biased reviews and comparisons of products. Our hope is to provide a wide choice of products so that you will be able to find the right rental property software for your business. With this informative property management software comparison, you will be able to make a smart software choice.

Some of these software products below are web-based (in the cloud), meaning that the program can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection. Others are desktop based, so they are installed directly on to one or more computers in an office environment. We are not going to debate the which type is preferable for your company, since it depends on your own needs.  There are advantages and disadvantages for either. Both options provide some interface with the Internet, so you should thoroughly consider both options.

If you have a software product for rental property, please feel free to contact us for a possible review. Just complete the questionnaire by clicking here. We will provide an unbiased of your product if selected for review. Be sure to include full contact information for the person submitting the  tenant software product.

Property Management Software

LogoCompany NameType of InstallationNumber of UnitsPricing PlanWebsite LinkPhone
Web basedn/aMonthlydetailed info888-414-1988

Multifunctional software that helps property managers streamline daily tasks in the rent, vacancy, and maintenance cycles.

Tenant File Property Management SoftwareTenant File Property Management SoftwareOn-site1
Monthlydetailed info800-398-3904

Visit Tenant File
Ideal for Owners and Managers of rental property, including residential and commercial. Easy to learn and use, desktop powerful, one-time purchase.

AppfolioAppFolioWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info866-452-3358
For residential managers, a web-based solution charging a monthly fee, which includes training, support and many features.

LandlordMAXOn-siten/aOne-timedetailed infoPhone n/a
Property Mgmt Software for owners and managers

PromasOn-siten/aFixed or
detailed info 888-591-5179
Promas has been a solid tool for property managers for over 20 years

MRI logoMRIWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info800.321.8770
Residential Management software that utilizes MRI Software's industry knowledge and experience to offer the multifamily market a comprehensive solution that includes all facets of property management.

PropertywarePropertywareWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info855-976-9502
Propertyware integrates and automates the job of a professional property managers in order to attract and retain tenants and owner-clients.

Landlordy logoLandlordyWeb basedup to 99Monthlydetailed infohttps://landlordyapp.com5
Landlordy is an app for self managing landlords who take care of managing their properties, tenants and rentals by themselves. Track rent payments and business expenses, keep eye of tenant balance, send rental invoices and payment receipts to tenants.

PIMS Property Management SoftwarePIMS Property Management SoftwareWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info+44 114 270 3040
PIMS (Property Integrated Management System) is bespoke property management software with features so that you can manage every aspect of a property business.

Total Management logoTotal ManagementWeb based1
Monthlydetailed info888-696-0797
Total Management's web based property management software
includes complete accounting and the ability to email work-orders and
resident and tenant communications.

Resman logoResmanWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info855-737-6261
Managing properties is complicated enough. ResMan runs your entire business in one system and offers 100% free support round-the-clock, all at 30% less than your current property management system.

VerticalRent logoVertical RentWeb based999 +Monthlydetailed info866-599-5137
VerticalRent is simple rental property management software for independent landlords.

RentManagerRent ManagerWeb basedn/aMonthlydetailed info800-669-0871
Property Mgmt Software for owners and managers

PropertyMatrixProperty MatrixWeb basedup to 500Monthlydetailed info1-800-795-4100
Property Matrix gives you a user friendly and completely customizable cloud based software to handle your property management company. Designed to be accessed anywhere at anytime, it offers everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

TurboTenant | Tenants.comTurbo TenantWeb based999 +Freedetailed info719-966-7368
TurboTenant is 100% free for landlords and property managers. Our software allows landlords and property managers to create beautiful property listing websites, automatically post vacancies to dozens of listing websites, accept online rental applications.

LandlordSidekick | Tenants.comLandlord SidekickWeb basedup to 499Freedetailed info(415) 742-14245 is a free property management software for managing rental properties. It is designed to streamline the property management process and offer clarity to the property manager and tenant. From finding great tenants all the way to collecting rent.

Entrata Property Management Software | Tenants.comEntrataWeb basedn/aper unit and moduledetailed info - Third-party applications and add-ons available

Advantos | Tenants.comAdvantosWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info
Property management software designed and built by Property Managers for Property Managers! Adjust to your clients quickly. Save cash, find more revenue sources, retain clients. We're web based, stable, handle multiple payment methods (ACH, credit cards, etc), have multiple billing methods, track violations, allow board and resident access and much more. In today's world, you need every advantage.

Jenark | property management software comparisonJenarkWeb basedna/per unitdetailed info
We are a leading provider of fully integrated property management software and financial accounting software to the real estate industry. Our industry leading software solutions help drive improved customer service, efficiency, productivity and revenue. Our property management software was designed as a modular system that can be customized to meet the needs of managers and owners for Community Association Management, Multifamily Management, and Commercial Management.

Masterkey | Property Management Software ReviewsMasterkeyWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info
Masterkey provides world class commercial property management software, residential property management software, and real estate agency software. Masterkey’s property management software lets you manage a property portfolio of any size efficiently and effectively. Let Masterkey help you streamline and track all tasks in managing a property while giving you real-time updates. Designed to enhance communication within your entire network of agents, tenants and contractors, Masterkey helps you take care of business.

Point2/OneSite | Rental Property Software ReviewsOneSite/Point2Web basedn/aper unitdetailed info
Our fully integrated, end-to-end productivity tool provides everything you need to manage residential rental property of any type, online. With Point2 Property Manager, you get the power and advantage of the latest web based technology to manage your business more profitably.

Rentalutions | Property Management Software ComparisonRentalutionsWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info
Software for landlords. Made for the part-time landlord, full-time you

Simplifyem | Landlord Software ReviewsSimplifyEmWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info
Whether you're a Landlord or a Property Manager - We are the easiest to use Property Management Software. Period! Manage your finances and collect your rent online!

SiteLink | Property Management Software ReviewsSiteLinkWeb basedper unitdetailed info

SiteLink Software is a solution for property management operators across the globe in industries including real estate investment trusts (REITs), manufactured housing and self-storage.

Hemlane | Property Management Software ReviewsHemlaneWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info

Hemlane is a cloud-based property management solution for small businesses. Key features include property marketing, applicant screening, lease tracking, rent collection and maintenance coordination.

Property Manager Cloud | Property Management Software ReviewsProperty Manager CloudWeb basedn/aper unitdetailed info

Property Manager Cloud has been providing solutions to property managers and landlords for the past decade. Their web-based application offers robust functionality, yet is flexible enough for companies managing single units.

Product Reviews:

Web-based or Cloud Computing
Residential and Light Commercial
Industrial / Shopping Centers / Resort Management
Vacation Homes and Condos

Desktop based or Stand-alone Computing
Residential and Light Commercial
Industrial / Shopping Centers / Resort Management
Vacation Homes and Condos

Note: If you have a software product or application in a different category, please feel free to suggest that we add a new category.