Evicting a Bad Tenant

Evicting a bad tenantTried everything else and need to evict your tenant? Here are some pointers on evicting a bad tenant…

When you’re a home owner or a property owner, the last thing you want are people living under a roof you own that aren’t treating your property with the respect it deserves. Property owners and home owners can encounter tenants who treat the place in which they’re living as a home they bought all on their own, while they’ll also unfortunately encounter tenants who make absolutely no strides or effort of any kind to respect the property or treat it as such.

If your relationship with your tenants as soured, and you feel like you’ve been left with no choice but to evict those living under your roof, the following information might prove to be very helpful. Before anything else, ensure that you have a fair, legitimate, and legal reason for evicting your tenants. The legal guidelines for evicting a tenant will vary by state, but as a rule of thumb, if you believe your tenants are truly worthy of an eviction, you’re more than likely well within your rights to dispose of them.

Having said that, you can’t just waltz in the front door and tell them to hit the road. Landlords must give their tenants reasonable notice of the eviction prior to doing so, as well as properly explaining the reason for the eviction. Naturally, these kind of conversations could get ugly, so it may be best to resort to a phone call or a letter. However, always be sure to be polite, friendly, and informative, while also explaining that you feel it’s best that the tenants part ways with your property.

It’s always best to do a little research regarding the laws of tenancy and evictions in your area prior to making any moves. When you’ve found that you’re within your rights to do so, follow the guidelines outlined above, and with any luck, the eviction itself will be a hassle and stress-free process.