Landlords rental homeWe can fill your vacancies! With the app, tenants in your area will contact you. These are tenants that have current leases about to expire and know they want to rent in your area.

Not only that, but you will be able to enter your vacancies quickly and easily. No more having to enter each and every vacancy … you simply enter your pricing for different floor plans, and the tenants will contact you about the one they want.  Plus, you will have communication between you and your prospects that will carry over even after they become your tenant, so you’ll be able to send them notices and receive maintenance requests.

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Plus, as a special bonus, you can get a copy of the powerful Tenant File Property Management Software.

The Tenant File is the leading desktop software, and serves thousands of landlords, property managers, and property owners in the US and Canada. Whether you manage just a few rentals or hundreds, the Tenant File will help you become more efficient and save you time and money! Additionally, you will receive a FULL YEAR subscription to RentalWIZ, which takes your vacancies from the Tenant File and uploads them to your very own webpage with one click. This is your own URL to use in your advertising. Plus, it syndicates your vacancy info throughout the Internet to popular rental sites.

Lastly, you’ll be eligible for discounts on TENANT SCREENING through Zip Reports a nationally recognized tenant screening agency. Sign up now, to get all of these incredible benefits.

Products and help for Landlords

Are you bogged down inHandshake paperwork? Tired of spreadsheets, file cabinets, constant phone calls, and chasing rent? is your one-stop resource for tools to make your property management business a success. We offer very affordable tenant screening so that you can make sure that your tenants have a good credit and rental history.  We review the best landlord software, and offer affordable services for the landlord. With the right information you can have a successful rental property with tenants that pay on time and take care of your property. You’ll have a good relationship with your renters, and may even be able to enlist them to help you find other good tenants, or to perform some basic maintenance tasks.  At the same, you get the skills needed to protect yourself in case you have legal issues or need to correctly handle a tenant that is causing problems.

We have a comprehensive collection of articles and tips for landlords. Find out how to become a landlord that tenants love to rent from. You will find that your tenants will stay longer, work and communicate with y0u better, and maybe even help you you find new tenants in your other vacancies.

Time to take control of the situation and give your business the tools to do the job quickly, easily, and affordably. We are here to help!