Landlords rental homeWe can fill your vacancies! With the app, tenants in your area will contact you. These are tenants that have current leases about to expire and know they want to rent in your area.

Not only that, but you can enter your vacancies quickly and easily. No more having to enter each and every vacancy … you simply enter your pricing for different floor plans, and the tenants will contact you about the one they want.  Plus, you will have communication between you and your prospects that will carry over even after they become your tenant, so you’ll be able to send them notices and receive maintenance requests. Best of all, it is only $9.95 per month for up to 25 rentals!

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Here are a few of the ways we help landlords:

  • Have qualified tenants find your rentals – the search menu will match your properties to their needs
  • List your amenities – connect with the perfect tenant looking for the amenities that you offer
  • Lease expiration and move-out notice – we retain the information to tell the tenants it’s time to move
  • Offer a virtual tour – we can set you up with a professional virtual tour branded for your company
  • Pre-qualify your prospects – you’ll get our free pre-qualification form to provide to your tenants
  • Tenant screening – we offer the best tenant screening for the price
  • Rental application – this comes free with your screening account and you can set the price the tenant pays
  • Legal assistance – if you need legal advice, can set you up with a real estate attorney.
  • Articles and help – we love to help landlords. Enjoy our free eBook and check out numerous articles and videos.

Are you bogged down inHandshake paperwork? Tired of spreadsheets, file cabinets, constant phone calls, and chasing rent? is your one-stop resource for tools to make your property management business a success. With the right information you can have a successful rental property with tenants that pay on time and take care of your property. You’ll have a good relationship with your renters, and may even be able to enlist them to help you find other good tenants, or to perform some basic maintenance tasks.  At the same, you get the skills needed to protect yourself in case you have legal issues or need to correctly handle a tenant that is causing problems. Time to take control of the situation and give your business the tools to do the job quickly, easily, and affordably. We are here to help!