How To Be A Good Tenant

Nothing will make your landlord happier than having a good relationship with a solid tenant. Part of that is for the renter to learn how to be a good tenant. The tenant-landlord relationship can be rather formal. There are obviously legal obligations held by both landlords and tenants that must be met in order for … Read more How To Be A Good Tenant Welcomes New Marketing VP

Austin, Texas— Veronica Ramirez has been named the new Marketing VP for, a website dedicated to creating a better renting experience for tenants. The focus of is primarily on the needs of tenants and tenant issues. There are numerous tenant services provided by, a rapidly growing market since more and more people … Read more Welcomes New Marketing VP

What You Should Know Before Subletting

So, you’re living happily in your apartment with three of your friends, when you suddenly get a great job offer that requires you to move to another city . . . what’s the problem? Your lease doesn’t end for another six months and you can’t pay two rent checks each month. At this point, subletting … Read more What You Should Know Before Subletting

Where can Austin tenants find help?

If you live in Austin Texas, you know there are lots and lots of rental properties. Sure, it’s easy for Austin tenants to find a good apartment or rental home near their job or school. But what happens when there is a problem? Too often tenants are so excited to get moved in and get … Read more Where can Austin tenants find help?

Love Thy Neighbors

When you move, aside from getting a new home you also get a new vicinity, and with that comes new neighbors. Your neighbors are the people you’ll have closest to your home at all times, so it’s important to have a good relationship with them. If you think about it, neighbors are like distant roommates… … Read more Love Thy Neighbors

Are your utility bills too high?

We’ve all had that moment when we look at our utility bill and cannot believe that it’s that high proceeding to ask ourselves how it’s that high. The smallest of things could be making your bill ridiculously high, and we’re going to tell you how to change that. Lights! Always turn lights off when you leave a … Read more Are your utility bills too high?

Who should you lease from?

When you’re considering what kind of property to rent out and make your home, you should also consider who you’re leasing from. Usually, your options will be a property manager or property management firm, or an individual landlord. Just like everything else, both have their ups and their downs. Property managers or property management firms  … Read more Who should you lease from?

How can YOU be a good tenant?

First of all…PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME!!! Aside from that, being a good tenant goes wayyyyyy beyond paying rent on time. As someone who’s living in another person’s property, you want to be considerate of that and treat is as though it is your own. Be careful, and be kind. Think about it, someone fixed … Read more How can YOU be a good tenant?