How To Find A Great Apartment

Apartment hunting can get confusing. From rental apps to deposit fees, the process can be overwhelming, especially if uniformed on proper apartment rental procedures.  Things such as leasing terms and location should be considered including the look of the apartment. Use the following tips when searching for your next apartment.



Talk To The Current Residents


If you are scoping out a new apartment and see tenants, do not hesitate to ask them questions about the apartment quality, the leasing office and the neighborhood. Most of the time, people will be more than willing to engage with potential neighbors. This unfiltered unedited review of the apartment may be as honest as they come.  If possible, speak with the people who lived there before selecting an apartment. Take their comments into consideration when narrowing down.  Ask them how long they have lived there, and about their relationship with other neighbors as well as apartment officials.



Take Advantage Of Apartment Tours


When taking tours of apartments, be sure to ask any and every question that comes to mind.  Even if a question seems silly, ask it. Things such as cell phone reception, local public transit availability or the time the mail runs may seem frivolous but can all factor into the appreciation of a new apartment.  Jot down everything you enjoyed about your previous resident and make sure to bring them up while on a tour.


Also, take advantage of apartment tours by testing the quality and functionality of the structure and appliances.  While in the model apartment, flush the toilets, open the closets, turn on the sinks and anything else that is functioning.  The model apartment should operate as the place you will potentially inhabit. Chances are, if the water takes a while to warm up here, it does in all of the apartments.


Visit The Area At Different Times Of The Day


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This is important not only to get an estimate on commute time to and from work at various high-traffic points of the day; it also provides a firsthand perspective on the neighborhood.  Visit early mornings to see how school bus or rush hour traffic impacts the area.  Learn the different routes of commute before hand and rank each apartment complex based on efficiency.

Visiting an apartment at nighttime gives insight on things such as if the area is well lit, if there is heavy nightlife activity in the area and if it is a quiet or a loud place to reside. All of these things should play a role when deciding on a great rental.


Do Not Sign A Lease Without Seeing Your Actual Apartment


So you have made a decision on a new rental (CONGRATS)!  This is a great feeling. Once that decision is made a lease will be drafted and a move-in day will be set. Do not sign or agree to a lease and its terms without seeing the actual apartment.  Walk through and make sure that everything in the apartment is visually acceptable and works. It is advisable to use a walk-through rental app to take pictures & notes of everything, so you can reduce any discrepancies when it is time to get your security deposit back.

Go over the lease numerous times before signing as well.  Make sure you know what you are signing.  Review and understand the terms of your lease as well as the utilities that may or may not be included in the price of rent.