Homes of the Future

It’s pretty obvious how much the internet and real estate have changed up the real estate industry and made it extremely easy to find the perfect home. Long gone are the days of having to look in the local flyer or drive around to find a rental; we now have the internet at our fingertips. Aside from changing up our access to the housing market, technology has also changed up homes in general. Little by little rental homes are being re-modeled and upgraded to fit the needs of the future, is yours one of them?

Technology has wiggled its’ way into most parts of modern life, so it’s no surprise that landlords and property managers are making it a point to upgrade their properties. So, what kinds of upgrades should you expect to be seeing next time you’re looking for a new place? For starters, ‘smart appliances’ (basically automatic or motion sensing appliances) are becoming way more common. These appliances are especially popular because they help conserve energy (i.e. automatic sinks that won’t stay on unless they sense motion). Not only do these kinds of appliances come off as more cool, but they also have a purpose beyond that. Wireless and bluetooth amenities in homes are also becoming really popular, too. Interestingly enough, a lot of new apartments are putting things like bluetooth speakers all around (even in showers!!) as a selling point.

Digital is also going to be a big trend as far as appliances you may soon find in your rental home. Seeing as we’re always on our smartphones, a lot of companies are making it a point to make appliances that can be controlled via our phones. LG has already designed a washer and dryer that can be tracked from your phone, making laundry day soooo much easier. Aside from smartphone linked appliances, things like refrigerators are also being ‘digitized’ in order to make your life simpler. LG has also designed a refrigerator that allows you to scan things as you put them in so that you can keep track of things you’re out of.

Next time you’re looking for a new place, keep your eyes open for any futuristic amenities!