Get a Move on

A while back we brought you our best tipsĀ for making your move as easy as possible, you can read it here. Aside from packing up your stuff, what else should you take care of when you’re moving out of your home?

Make sure you clean up. Clean bathrooms, bedrooms, floors; basically everything. If your place was furnished, make sure clean furniture too. Aside from not wanting to leave the property trashed for your landlord, cleaning up can also help you avoid being fined once you move out. Typically lease agreements require that you leave the home as you found it (clean), so if you don’t you’ll be going against it. If there’s a stain in your carpet, steam it so that you’re not responsible for paying way more for it later. Same goes with things like tiles and floorboards. Do it now, or it’ll cost you more later.

Part of leaving your hopaint me just as you first got it involves making sure the walls and floors are in good condition. Seeing as the walls probably have holes from having had pictures or shelves, it’s up to you to patch them up. This sounds more complicated than it actually is; you can buy quick dry plaster and primer and have it all fixed up in no time. Once you’ve patched up the holes and little imperfections, find out what paint color the walls were first painted and touch up the color. This way the wall looks even and your landlord won’t charge you for any repairs.