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Tenant Walkthrought and Checklist

Tenant Walkthrough and Checklist Features

Why is a walkthrough important?

One of the main sources of problems with the landlord concerning the security deposit. Often there are disputes as to the condition of the rental property upon move-in and check-out. Were there holes in the wall before you moved in? Was the inside of the oven clean? What was the condition of the carpet? Even small items such as missing light bulbs or picture holes can resulting in your landlord keeping your security deposit.

The ONLY way to avoid this potential issue is to thoroughly document rental unit. Doing this ahead of time could save you the security deposit and possibly even legal costs later on. But we have the answer for you. has partnered with a company that provides a free of charge walkthrough app for you. You can save a detailed walkthrough report complete with images and notes. This is much better than the standard outdated ‘checklist’ sheet that you landlord gives you, which can’t be completed from your cell phone or tablet, plus you will have to store your pictures in a different location. Your landlord may want to use it as well, since it actually protects BOTH parties.

To get the app, just click the ‘DO A WALKTHROUGH’ link on this page or CLICK HERE to get started – it’s free!