Find Out What is Nearby My Rental Home or Apartment tenant couple renting a homeEver wonder what is nearby when you are looking for a rental home or apartment? Of course, you’ll probably be checking how close it is to your job or school, and maybe how far away it is from your mother in law.  JUST KIDDING MOMS! (Don’t start sending angry emails, please!)

But what about everything else? We’re talking about grocery stores, parks, coffee shops, churches, and pizza places? Sometimes these type of things are overlooked, but they might be important to you later on. Why not let the nearby amenities help you make a good decision before you rent?

We’ve provided (below) a guide that can find everything within walking distance of your apartment. Maybe you are already moved in and just need some information – it’s a great tool for that too! If you have a dog that you walk, maybe there is a park or dog area nearby. If you bike, maybe there is a veloway or bike trails nearby that you didn’t even realize was there! You can save gas money by walking or biking and do something good for the environment as well. We highly recommend it!

To check out an area, enter the address into the Walk Score field to see all of the interesting things going on in your future neighborhood!

At we want you to be happy and healthy! Please let us know how we’ve been able to help you as a tenant!