Downsizing – Size Doesn’t have to Matter

When you’re looking for a new place, there may be a chance that you’re forced to compromise size for something else (like an awesome location). You shouldn’t be scared of downsizing! Embrace the situation and take it as a chance to change up your home, and life.

Since you’re going to have to reduce the amount of stuff you had from your previous home, make it a point to clean your life up. Get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in over six months, because you most likely won’t end up wearing them. If you’re iffy about letting your stuff go, consider consigning it! This is an awesome way to earn some extra cash (that can be put towards your new home) and also a great incentive to get rid of even more. When you downsize, you really have choice but to get rid of things, so make the best of it that you can.

Take advantage of your newly acquired smaller space and make an awesome organization system. You know all those cool Ikea and Container Store closet systems? This is the perfect time to finally get one! A smaller space isn’t bad, it provides you with lots of room to be creative in your organizing. Think of it as a chance to finally make those Pinterest organizational DIY projects that you never really needed before.