Don’t Ignore the Checklist! – #MovingMonday

The same way that moving in to a new place is a whole process, moving out takes a bit of work, too. Chances are, once you tell your landlord that you’re planning on moving out they’ll start putting together a checklist for you to make your moving process easier. The checklist will have things that you’re required to take care of before moving out, as outlined in your original lease, as well as any other dates and requirements that your landlord may have. Having a checklist makes the process of moving way easier for both of you, because you’ll know who is responsible for what and there won’t be any issues in determining what does and doesn’t need to be done.

You’re probably thinking checklist “a checklist? What do I need that for?”….Seeing as you probably don’t remember what you agreed to when you first signed your lease, this checklist is probably going to become your best friend while you’re prepping your home to move out. Aside from being a really good way for you to make sure you take care of everything you’re liable, this checklist will also help you out with getting as much of your security deposit back as possible. The checklist will also tell you how many days prior to leaving you need to have your landlord inspect your property, so you can use this to plan what you need to fix up and when you need to do it by. You can tackle a different thing each day, this way you won’t have a ton of repairs to do the day before you move out. ¬†Things like repainting walls, or cleaning carpets, may take a bit more time and will also be easier once you’ve moved all of your belongings out, so plan around taking care of those as soon as each room is packed up.