#CollegeCorner – Proximity

The days of living in a dorm are (finally) over and you need to find a new place to spend your college years at…where to look? Having lived in a dorm, far from campus, and close to campus, I can definitely say that you get the best experience living close to campus.

Whenever there’s anything going on with my university, it happens on campus. A lot of people think that because you’re no longer living in a dorm you automatically become disconnected from whatever is happening at your university, but this isn’t the case at all. Living close to campus, but not in a dorm, allows you to experience on-campus activities with the freedom of having your own place.

Close proximity is also great because you won’t have to drive or catch the bus to campus, you can walk! I’ve saved hours of time by walking to class instead of looking for parking; you’ll definitely thank yourself on the days you want to sleep-in. The close proximity means you’ll also be close to the library, food court, gym, basically all the places on camp that you frequent.

Finding a place in close proximity to campus is also a really easy task, probably easier than finding a place far from campus, or ending up with a good dorm. Most property managers lease places close to campus because they know that that’s what students want. Take advantage of the fact that you’re gonna have tons of options and find a place that you know will make your college years great.