What do first-time renters need to know before moving in?

The key to a successful stay in a rental home or apartment is knowing exactly what you are getting into. That means the tenant needs to spend some time with the rental agreement, with the landlord, and with other people that have experienced renting in the past. If it is a complicated lease or a … Read moreWhat do first-time renters need to know before moving in?

Choosing A Roommate

Living with a roommate has developed a stigma as a potentially stressful situation. But this doesn’t have to be the case. When it comes to living with a roommate and the potential problems that can arise, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best prevention of roommate issues is, of course, … Read moreChoosing A Roommate

Tenants.com Welcomes New Marketing VP

Austin, Texas— Veronica Ramirez has been named the new Marketing VP for Tenants.com, a website dedicated to creating a better renting experience for tenants. The focus of Tenants.com is primarily on the needs of tenants and tenant issues. There are numerous tenant services provided by Tenants.com, a rapidly growing market since more and more people … Read moreTenants.com Welcomes New Marketing VP

What You Should Know Before Subletting

So, you’re living happily in your apartment with three of your friends, when you suddenly get a great job offer that requires you to move to another city . . . what’s the problem? Your lease doesn’t end for another six months and you can’t pay two rent checks each month. At this point, subletting … Read moreWhat You Should Know Before Subletting

Where can Austin tenants find help?

If you live in Austin Texas, you know there are lots and lots of rental properties. Sure, it’s easy for Austin tenants to find a good apartment or rental home near their job or school. But what happens when there is a problem? Too often tenants are so excited to get moved in and get … Read moreWhere can Austin tenants find help?

Tenants.com CEO interviewed for Realtor.com magazine

Wayne Gathright, president of Tenants.com was recently interviewed for a Realtor.com News and Advice article.  The subject of the article was ‘Want Your Security Deposit Back? You’d Better Do These Things‘, penned by author Angela Colley. The article was written to help tenants recover their security deposit by providing tips and advice on often overlooked … Read moreTenants.com CEO interviewed for Realtor.com magazine

Don’t Ignore the Checklist! – #MovingMonday

The same way that moving in to a new place is a whole process, moving out takes a bit of work, too. Chances are, once you tell your landlord that you’re planning on moving out they’ll start putting together a checklist for you to make your moving process easier. The checklist will have things that … Read moreDon’t Ignore the Checklist! – #MovingMonday