The Right Way to Get Your Landlord On-Board with Airbnb

Let’s dispense with those first questions right away and then move on to the helpful suggestions. Yes, you CAN get in trouble, and yes you DO need permission from your landlord. While you might sneak by a few times, you probably will get caught if you sublet your apartment and the repercussions could be disastrous for you. You could get evicted, lose your deposit, or worse.

Who’s Dish Is It Anyway : Common Roommate Problems & Simple Solutions

Having a roommate is beneficial in multiple ways.  Roommate’s can be live in friends, allow financial freedom and assist with the upkeep of a home or apartment.  While roommates are great for a multitude of life issues, they can sometime be the cause. Find a roommate who is a great balance for your needs and … Read more Who’s Dish Is It Anyway : Common Roommate Problems & Simple Solutions

Move Like A Pro: 3 Tips for Easy Pain-Free Moving

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Where To Look For Apartments

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Tenant and Renters Rights

As a tenant, you have certain renters rights that you may not know about. Here’s how to take control of the situation. Nearly everyone who has ever rented an apartment , other property or Single Family House Rentals has a horror story about a difficult situation with their landlord. There are two sides to every … Read more Tenant and Renters Rights

How To Be A Good Tenant

Nothing will make your landlord happier than having a good relationship with a solid tenant. Part of that is for the renter to learn how to be a good tenant. The tenant-landlord relationship can be rather formal. There are obviously legal obligations held by both landlords and tenants that must be met in order for … Read more How To Be A Good Tenant