About Us

At Tenants.com we know the concerns of tenants – we’ve been there before just like you. Are I getting the best deal? Will my landlord work with me on fixing things up? Do I need renter’s insurance? Many times a tenant has never been a tenant before, or has never had a problem arise before as a tenants. Being in this situation the first time can be scary. Hiring a lawyer to answer a question is too expensive and there are few alternative to turn to. That is where Tenants.com comes into play.

We’ve also been in thhouse in hands for Tenants.come landlord’s shoes. Does my lease protect me from tenants that don’t pay? How do I find great tenants? What is the best way to establish a lasting relationship with my tenants? The typical landlord has dealt with tenants for a good while, some good, some great, and some not so good. If fact, chances are that the landlord has gone through an eviction process, had to take a tenant to court, or at least had to deal with unruly tenants. Those situations can make a landlord wary of getting a new tenant.

The bottom line is that the landlord / tenant relationship is a two way relationship, and only ends badly if one of the parties doesn’t live up to their word. That where tenants.com comes in. We’ll help both of you with advice, tips, articles, and tools that will enable a bond between landlord and tenant.

At Tenants.com we will always be honest, ethical, and do the best we can do to help tenants. However, you should be aware that none of the information given on this site is to be construed as legal advice, and we cannot be responsible for any actions that you take based on the information or services provided at Tenants.com.