5 Tips To Achieve Magazine Worthy Apartment Style

So you signed a lease! Now what? One of the most enjoyable elements of new residences is the opportunity to decorate. While this can be fun and spark creativity, deciding on a decor scheme or color idea can be stressful. Not knowing where to begin, the amount of options and lack of a vision can hinder the progress of decorating an apartment.

It helps to find apartments that align with your decor aesthetic. When you are apartment hunting, find apartments that will fit your decoration ideas. For example, if interested in a navy blue accent rug, look for an apartment where the flooring will go along with your decor. If the desire to paint an accent wall is in your decor dreams, inquire with the leasing manager on rules about wall paint.

There are many different routes to take when decorating an apartment. Things such as size, floor plan, and more that can affect design ideas.  It is also very easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of options when selecting decor and decoration themes. Use these tips to decorate the apartment of your dreams.



Choose A Decor Theme


Choosing a theme adds to the cohesion of decor. Select a theme to base your entire apartment or individual rooms around.  Theme’s can vary by color themes to culture inspired decor. Selecting a theme makes it easy to choose decor and not get overwhelmed by the large amount of options. Once a theme is selected, the decor process can begin.



Find A Statement Piece and Work Around It


Finding a statement piece is inevitable. There will be something spotted at the local home decor boutique that is a must have. If there is a headboard you cannot live without or a coffee table that has to go in your living room, purchase them. These items can inspire the additional decor to go in the same room.


decorating your apartment


Choose A Decor Style


Style and theme differ from each other due to the elements that go into a theme verses the aesthetic of apartment style. While the theme of your bathroom may be “under the sea” the style can vary from minimalist to vintage.  Choose a decoration style that works best for your theme. Having a distinct decor style is an easy way to flawlessly execute jaw dropping apartment decor.



Hit The Thrift Store


Home decor stores are a great place to purchase items but when shopping, be sure to visit you local thrift shop. Thrift shops can be hidden gems when it comes to apartment decor. Thrift and vintage boutiques are a great place to find wall art, home decor and even appliances and furniture. Make sure to hit the thrift shop on your home decor quest.



Surf The Web


The internet is a great tool when it comes to decorating your apartment. Scout websites such as Pinterest and YouTube are a gold mine for interior decor.  These are great resources for all elements of apartment decoration. From decor inspiration from other apartments to DIY tips, the internet is the place to look. Before making a questionable purchase or deciding to tackle a project, check online for guidance.