What do first-time renters need to know before moving in?

The key to a successful stay in a rental home or apartment is knowing exactly what you are getting into. That means the tenant needs to spend some time with the rental agreement, with the landlord, and with other people that have experienced renting in the past. If it is a complicated lease or a … Read more

Should you have renter’s insurance?

In the realm of insurance, the renter’s variety is typically overlooked. Renter’s insurance provides you with liability protection while also covering your personal items that may have a risk of being damaged or stolen for various reasons. Some landlords and property management companies require renter’s insurance, while others leave it up to your discretion. However, if you’re not … Read more

Roommates – Finding the perfect match for you

We’ve all seen the movies and read the stories about the roommate from hell…but this shouldn’t scare you out of having roommates! Having roommates not only lowers your rent, but also helps you lessen your chores, plus, it can end up being a fun experience! Now that you know why you should have a roommate, … Read more